Learn the necessary technology skills iwhile accomplishing some real work.

The initial backlog really only needs to be one item in order to start delivering.

Learn the parts that aid building the system, rather than developing the system according to some framework.

When you don’t know how to accomplish something, or you think multiple approaches might work, do a minimalistic spike to give the information needed to make a decision.

Start building your development infrastructure by setting up a local code repository. You can always migrate the code to an "official corporate" repository later.

Set up a simple build-and-test script so that everyone builds in the same fashion. You can always add other build targets later.

If you’ve got time, you can set up a Continuous Integration server. Otherwise, just do it manually.

Checkout & build into a clean workspace.

Do what's needed to run the code so that you can show it working.

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Which Software Development Life Cycle Is Best?

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